Five Must Bring Items to Every Cross Race. 

Well it's finally here! Cyclocross season is upon us.  Mid-Atlantic Cyclocross officially starts Sunday at Whirlybird Cross.  Now I want to make sure everyone is prepared for the season and doesn’t forget to bring anything to the first race. So I decided to write a listicle! These are my top 5 must bring items to every Cross race. 

A Bike

This is the obvious place to start, but you can’t race without one! The bike doesn’t need to be anything fancy or expensive.  Almost anything with appropriate tires and brakes will work. I’ve been to plenty of races where people have rolled up on bikes with a whole hodgepodge of components and you know what, that's totally ok! 

Cyclocross is accepting. 

A Plastic Bag

 There is nothing more utilitarian than the plastic bag.  Need something to carry all your prizes and medals in? Use a plastic bag!  Forgot your shoe covers? Use a plastic bag! Is your cycling kit soaking wet and covered in mud? Put it in a plastic bag!  Finally when that bag has been used 100 times and on its last limb, use it to throw out your trash! There are a million uses for a plastic bag.  And each time you use that bag again and again and again, is one less time it winds up in our oceans.

Reduce, reuse, recycle! 

A Positive Attitude

Cyclocross will build you up and tear you right back down.  It is unforgiving and sometimes even unpleasant. However, there is one eternal truth in cycling. As long as you keep pushing the pedals down, you’ll keep moving forward. No matter how dark it seems to get, no matter how muddy and cold a race is, no matter if you have to run more than you bike, just stay positive, keep moving forward and soon you’ll be at the finish line. 

A.B.P. (Always Be Positive) 


Just like cyclocross, friends will build you up and tear you right back down.  They are your personal cheer squad and keep you humble when you finally do finish on the podium.  They travel hours to races just to pit for you and expect the favor to be returned. But friends are just as vital to cyclocross as beer and barriers. We race to make new friends, see old friends,  do rad things with our friends, show off to our friends and to support our friends.

Bring friends, bring lots and lots of friends. 


Ok so maybe this would be the most obvious place to start, but you can’t finish unless you start and that holds true for cross as well.   Even if you can’t race show up. Show up and support your friends, support the promoters, support the sponsors and support local grassroots cyclocross racing.  You can be positive, pack your bike, pack a plastic bag, get your friends to show up, but none of that matters unless you show up.

Bring yourself, be yourself.

And with that being said, use this checklist to make sure you’re all ready for Whirlybird Cross on Sunday, September 8th!  Can’t wait to see everyone there! 

Matthew Matusky